Xemik Solutions! Ltd...

...is a family-run business that has been providing a friendly, first class service to small businesses and individuals for over 20 years. We were originally based in West Yorkshire and, at that time, our primary focus was in providing business services, accounting and other related services.

However, it became clear that the internet was expanding rapidly and many companies felt somewhat overwhelmed. Consequently, we worked closely with local businesses to introduce the internet into their working practices. In fact, one of our clients has become almost exclusively an ‘Internet’ company.

When Xemik Solutions! Ltd relocated to East Yorkshire in 2001, we looked for areas in which to expand, whilst maintaining a close working relationship with clients. We provide a web designs service, but the lack of broadband in the area made it difficult to expand into other internet-based services.

Thankfully, broadband arrived in 2004 and we immediately created xemik.net as the domain and web hosting arm of Xemik Solutions! Ltd. So now we can offer a more integrated service to clients.

Our business has used the RISC OS operating system since formation and use it in preference to other systems. The RISC OS community is founded on the strong bonds of friendship and sense of family. Sadly, most ISPs do not understand nor support RISC OS, so we have worked hard to ensure our hosting services work with modern RISC OS browsers.

Our philosophy is simple: to provide the best possible service at a competitive price. We may not be the cheapest, but you can rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure your time online with us remains productive and stress free.

How to Contact Us

If you are a xemik.net customer requiring technical support, please raise a ticket by logging in to to your account. This ensures that you can track the progress of your query. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can.
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